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What the Implementation of 5G Means for Telecom Tenders - telco build

What the Implementation of 5G Means for Telecom Tenders

July 30, 2022
The IT and telecom industry covers a host of products and services, including IT infrastructure, website development, software development, cloud solutions, hosting, support, and telephony, among many others. Multifaceted IT and telecom services can help businesses diversify their assets, multiply revenue, and improve their resilience over time. The Introduction of 5G for Telecom Contracts 5G […]
Challenges of tendering for IT & telecommunications contracts - telco build blog

Challenges of tendering for IT & telecommunications contracts

July 14, 2022
Public and private sector organisations often outsource IT and telecommunications services to keep up with the latest technology. This is because they lack the internal knowledge or resources to do so. The cost of hiring, training, and retaining IT/telecom workers is high. And, maintaining the relevant systems to engage in their services is sometimes beyond […]
Telecommunications: Its Importance and Benefits

Telecommunications: Its Importance and Benefits

June 10, 2022
Imagine what life would be without telecom. It is a vital factor on how people can connect to one another and do business on a global approach. Reliable communication is the bread and butter of every company. May it be for reputation, productivity, and overall aspects of the day to day running of the business. […]
Telecom 101: The Telecom Language You Need To Know

Telecom 101: The Telecom Language You Need To Know

May 31, 2022
Telecommunications have been developing drastically, and so did the technology that comes with them. There are telecom terms used to define them that some people might have a hard time understanding. Gone are the days when communications were referred to as just wired telephones. Today, it involves a whole range of information-transmitting technologies such as […]
3 Ways Telecommunications Companies Can improve the Customer Experience - telco build

3 Ways Telecommunications Companies Can improve the Customer Experience

May 10, 2022
Customer service is an integral element in growing and keeping a competitive edge in the telecommunications industry. This has not changed at all, but with new technological innovations come greater challenges to meet the demands and expectations of consumers. To ensure customer loyalty and attract more over time, it is crucial for key decision-makers to […]

Telco Build Launches NEW Chat Room

April 27, 2022
The Chat Room allows our users to interact directly with one another. Here’s just a couple of examples for it’s use: – You have excess materials ordered for a project and would like to see if someone can make use of the excess prior to you dumping it at the tip. – You have run […]

Telco Marketplaces: The Future of Telecom

April 27, 2022
In the past, communication could be simple but also challenging. Mobile phones and certainly the internet, had not been invented. Pen and Paper was the main method of communicating with family and friends but this also was the way business was conducted with others. Communication in this way was not fast and often frustrating.   Mobile […]

Telco Build simplifies it’s tendering process

March 15, 2021
We’re glad to release our latest platform update of simplifying our tendering process. You can upload tenders for FREE (there’s no limit) for any of your telecommunication projects with a few simple steps. We’ve even allowed contractors to use this page when looking for subcontractors to assist them on their large projects. We’re always available […]

Maser Australia joins Telco Build

February 18, 2021
Maser Australia is a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions, sourced from their network of leading international suppliers across the telecommunications, enterprise, industrial and defence sectors. Their business is comprised of 6 key service streams including RF Solutions, Network iQ, Service Assurance, Cable, LED Solutions and Defence. Servicing their wide-ranging customer base including key mobile […]

Cable Distribution Services joins Telco Build

February 15, 2021
Cable Distribution Services was established in 1999 as a quality supplier of electrical cables, data and custom cables to mining, offshore, rail and telecommunications industries. Their technical knowledge, quality products, understanding of their customers requirements and high focus on service have ensured they are able to supply and deliver small to large projects quickly and […]