Telecommunications and Compliance Checklist That Builders and Developers Should Know

Telecommunications and Compliance Checklist That Builders and Developers Should Know - telco build
January 13, 2023

We understand how organising and managing telecommunications connections can sometimes become challenging and tricky. Execution and timing are two essential things to help you succeed. Any setbacks along the way can cause a delay in the work, especially when it comes to a critical service like telecommunications. But do you know that as complicated as it sounds–organising and managing a telecommunications connection can be stress-free? That is made less difficult by choosing the right telecom partner, an experienced telecom contractor with a comprehensive understanding of the things you need to take.

As a developer, your primary role is to oversee the telecommunications infrastructure on your site, while your network provider is responsible for the external connections to the network.

Plan execution without proper timing is pointless, and as the telco industry keeps expanding, so is the need for strict compliance. Ensuring compliance is vital to receiving your certificate of occupancy at the end of your project. That is what Telco Build is here for; we know you have enough on your plate. We prepared a less complicated telecommunications and compliance checklist of the tasks you need to complete to get your development NBN ready on time. So even if you are new to this process or have had difficulties in the past, it will be easier for you to know where to start. 

Make The Right Connections With Telco Build

  1. Fill in an application to the appropriate network provider for your site.

As communications services evolve, you can do almost everything online, such as submitting an online application to the provider. Be prepared for crucial information such as– development address, the number of new NBN connections, development details and plans, contact details of the applicant and developer, and billing details. We highly advise completing your application earlier, if possible, to allow ample time for your network provider to complete external connections. Complete your application three months before occupation for small subdivisions (two residential units) and six months prior for anything more significant, at a minimum.

  1. Engage the telecommunications contractor of your choice.

We mentioned earlier the role that telecom contractors play in the process. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting in the industry, managing the NBN connection on the homes you build can be challenging. That is why choosing an experienced and suitably qualified telecommunications contractor is a smart move. To know how we can help you, you can reach our team through chat and browse our telecom partner marketplace for contractors. Remember that choosing the right telecom partner in the market saves you time and many potential headaches.

  1. Any paperwork provided by the network provider must be signed and returned.

When your online application with the telecommunication service provider is processed, you'll receive certain documents that need to be completed right away, for example, NBN Co’s SDA (Small Developer Agreement), and how quickly you respond to this will help in keeping the ball rolling.

  1. Make sure the pre-design(NBN Co only) is approved.

Plans must be submitted in the correct format and follow precise guidelines and requirements to receive a timely and favourable response. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a specific period and being rejected because you could not follow the given format! That is one load of a headache in the process we do not need.

  1. Approve and settle the quote given by the network provider.

When the plans have been approved, you’ll receive a quote from the network provider outlining the expected timeframe for the external connectivity work and the cost to be paid as part of the developer’s fee. If everything is agreeable, settle the payment as soon as possible to avoid delays.

  1. Proceed to install the underground pit and pipe works within your property.

This step must be done exactly as specified in the approved plan, and we strongly recommend hiring a telecommunications contractor to perform the work. And if you decide to hire someone, ensure they can do the job efficiently so there will be no unnecessary delays or added expenses. Before you give them the green light, be familiar with the challenges of poor choice of telecom contractors and how to beat them. At Telco Build, we ensure that our work always meets the requirements and that no costs will incur in the event of non-compliance.

  1. Submit the completed telecom plans and arrange for the inspection.

Once work is complete, plans can be submitted to your network provider, and schedule a time for an on-site inspection of the pit and pipe. If any work did not meet the required standard, this would be identified and resolved before moving on to the next step.

  1. Finalise the sign-off and provisioning letter.

Once both site and road works are completed and approved, it is time to contact your network provider to sign off the development as ‘Fibre Ready Pit and Pipe’ and request provisioning letters for your development. It is one of the essential steps in the process of gaining your certificate of occupancy.

  1. Submit the required documentation to the council for approval.

At this point, you are a step closer to getting your certificate of occupancy—and your new development is about to be NBN-ready for its new owners! 

Final Thoughts

All the steps mentioned above are necessary to get your statement of compliance; getting familiar with and getting the right level of expertise from the very start of the process can help you succeed. However, if you come unprepared, it can make the whole experience incredibly difficult.

Getting the proper support is crucial to your success; we at Telco Build aim to ensure you spend the least amount of time and effort trying to find the best in the marketplace. From contractors, telecommunication tenders, vendors, or suppliers, we’ve got them all just for you!

With telecommunications technology constantly evolving and the rules changing from time to time –keeping up is a constant battle. We in Telco Build can help you; for additional enquiries, call our direct line on 0400 6177 11 today.