IT Tenders: Everything you need to know

IT Tenders: Everything you need to know - telco build
August 24, 2022

A new office is set up on the third floor of your building. This company needed someone to supply lunch and snacks for its employees. So, then the company opened a request for bidding on all catering services and whoever wins will be the office’s concessionaire. This scenario is somewhat similar to this topic, all about tendering. What is tendering really about? How will this work in the IT sector? These are some of the questions you may have and let us help you in shedding light so that later on you will have ideas on what tendering is about.

What is tendering?

Given the previous scenario, you may have a basic idea of what tendering is. However, to make it a little technical, tendering is the method by which the organisation needing goods or services offers third-party companies or organisations to present a proposal or bid in order for them to provide these goods or services. This is also known as Request for Tender (RFT).

What is an RFT? It is a document(s) the Buyer issues that is inviting Suppliers to present their proposal. The document typically outlines the following:

  • Conditions of tender – The agreement between two parties including the tendering process and the responses.
  • Form of tender – the details of the schedules that the Suppliers need to comprise in their response
  • Scope of tender – this is the specifics regarding the goods/services that the Buyer requires
  • Evaluation criteria – details of how the Buyer will evaluate responses
  • Conditions of contract – the winning supplier will receive the legal contract data

Now you have a quick overview of what tendering is all about. Let us address this with the IT sector.

Importance of Tendering in the IT Sector

In telecom, tendering is very important because this helps to improve services. It also helps lower costs for every organisation or company. Instead of them doing the work, they instead submit a proposal to bid for the job. Services like IT goods, equipment, or Telco services. With so many high-caliber hacking violations in the public sector, telecom infrastructure providers and security are of utmost significance. 

Where to Look for IT Tenders?

If you are a business owner you might wonder where to look for tenders that are currently available?

There is a lot in the market but let us give you some ways to look for what is available:

  •  Newspapers - Newspapers are the most common medium for advertising tenders. You might want to look at the classified ads section.
  • Internet – in this digital age, this is one of the most reliable ways to look for tenders. You just have to know what to look for.
  • Large Companies – big companies often advertise their goods/services through their own website. Monitor these companies to be able to be updated to know if it’s available.
  • Tender Websites – these websites specialise in getting all information related to the availability of tenders whether it’s public or private sector tender. Tip! Look for the one that best suits based on the things you need for tendering. Telco Build is Australia’s no. 1 Telecom Marketplace for Tender. Acquiring the perfect business leads for either IT or telecommunications companies can be tough. This sector is a versatile industry with a lot of probable tenders for a business - such opportunities like the analog and digital sectors to set, software and network construction, admin services, and overall specialisation in telecoms. Those who bid for services given must have a comprehensive understanding of the tendering process. There are so many opportunities in the IT and Telecoms industries that exist for companies and pointers can be easily found on reliable tender websites or channels.
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