CUBIS Systems joins Telco Build

September 7, 2016

Cubis Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) specialise in the development, manufacture and distribution of pre-cast concrete, plastic and composite cable jointing pits and pit access covers. Their pits and manholes are specifically designed and manufactured to meet leading Authority and industry standards and requirements for Telecommunications, Communications and Electrical applications.

Cubis Systems has also developed an innovative approach with lightweight plastics incorporating intelligent design features with modular access chamber and ducting systems. These can be installed faster and ultimately save their customers time and money.

Cubis Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) manufacture a wide range of cable pit access covers in pre-cast concrete, galvanised mild steel, cast (ductile) iron, and selective plastic and composite designs.  Access pit covers are available in non locking or locking configuration. Locking covers may be in Allen Key style lockdown bolt or lockbox style to meet high security SCEC endorsement as used in Defence facilities.

Cubis Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) also specialise in the manufacture of pit access covers encased in pre-cast concrete roof slabs or plinths for placement over standard or special cable pit installations. Cubis Systems / BVCI have a long association with Telstra and are a current approved supplier.

CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) with Telstra approved products is recognised nationally as a major supplier for communications and electrical cable pit projects across Australia and has engineered, manufactured and distributed to the telecommunications industry for over 30 years. Plus they manufacture and supply electrical and communication cable pits and cover assemblies to:

  • Energy
  • Rail & Mining
  • Air & Road
  • Electrical & Communications
  • Defence with SCEC endorsement

CUBIS Systems (incorporating BVCI Concrete) can also customise pre-cast concrete pits to suit project needs.

A commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is embedded within the culture of the company. Cubis prides itself on its approach to innovation, utilising new designs, manufacturing techniques and materials.

Cubis builds close relationships with its customers, allowing new products to be developed which meet the issues experienced when building infrastructure networks across the world.

Cubis’ parent company is CRH plc. CRH is a leading global building materials group employing approximately 93,000 people at over 4,000 locations worldwide.

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  1. Huss Hijazi 

    Hi do you have a price list of all your products.

  2. Greg Jeckeln 

    Hi Huss

    We are pleased that you are interested in our products. If you could please provide your contact details we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements further.