Basslink Group / Basslink Telecom joins Telco Build

November 30, 2016

Basslink Telecoms is the ONLY alternative Network Owner and Operator capable of providing Managed Services and Wholesale Transmission from Victoria to Tasmania other than Telstra.

The Basslink Interconnector is the world’s second longest undersea electricity cable. Owned by Keppel Infrastructure Trust, Basslink delivers excellence in the areas of safety, reliability and performance.

All services are fully protected across Basslink Telecoms network against single component failure by virtue of the fault tolerant ring architecture of Basslink Telecoms network.  This protection applies from Basslink Telecoms POP to Basslink Telecoms POP.

In 2007, Basslink committed to the creation of Basslink Telecoms, using the assets of the HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) Interconnector and was operational by July 2009, when the first customer generated traffic flow from Melbourne to Hobart.