ActivePort joins Telco Build

July 5, 2018

ActivePort Carrier (White Label ActivePortal)

  • SDN Orchestration Layer Management Sofware
  • Automated Self Provisioning Platform White Label for Carriers
  • SD-WAN Vendor

ActivePort Software Defined Networking solution for Carriers offer more than just the SDN Automation Platform but a real-time, on-demand AUTOMATED SELF PROVISIONING PORTAL (ACTIVEPORTAL) to manage and provision services across the network instantly. Users can manage traffic flow and prioritize applications and bandwidth requirements as needed instantly.

With Activeport’s Network Automation Software and SDN Orchestration Management Layer network providers can offer a FULL end to end SD-WAN Interconnect with instant (Click as you go) self-provisioning layer for their customers. Providers who are looking to advance their core offering with flexible, cost-effective Cloud, bandwidth scalability, automation, make network connectivity a reality.