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maser australia - new telco build partner

Maser Australia

February 9, 2021
Maser Australia is a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions, sourced from our network of leading international suppliers across the telecommunications, enterprise, industrial and defence sectors. Our business is comprised of 7 key service streams including RF Solutions, Network iQ, Service Assurance, Cable, Fibre, LED Solutions and Defence which service our wide-ranging customer base including […]

Fibre Path Pty Ltd

July 25, 2019
FibrePath are disrupting the way large scale data holders and cloud platform providers are serviced with their unique and out of the box thinking. FibrePath, with an executive team with over 80 years combined experience in the telecommunications industry, find solutions for clients not problems. Building direct and dedicated dark fibre networks for large scale […]

MKW Fibre Solutions Pty Ltd

February 13, 2019
FIBRE OPTIC SERVICES MKW Fibre Solutions can mobilise across Australia and has spent the last 12 months working on the Telstra Wideband Network, Fault Finding Projects and Projects including Fibre Tie CablesĀ  (Install, Splice and Testing – 72F & 144F) across New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. MKW Technicians are Telstra […]

O’Sullivan Safety Supplies P/L

May 22, 2018
Buy O’Sullivan Saftey work wear Online or in store NOW !! O’Sullivan Saftey work wear has a wide range of industrial Workwear , Hi Vis Safety. The products are tailored to meet the needs of Australian workers in various industrial areas. All products are made of high quality and durable fabric which meets AUS standards […]


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