Milliken Infrastructure joins Telco build

June 22, 2016

We're excited to welcome Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC to our website.

Milliken Infrastructure proudly offers the OptiCell™ line of products as well as Vis™ Tape.

OptiCell™ fabric innerduct is a patented, flexible textile innerduct system designed specifically for increasing conduit capacity. The unique textile construction allows OptiCell innerduct to conform to the shape of the cables placed within, greatly reducing wasted space and increasing cable deployment efficiency.  Milliken Infrastructure offers OptiCell innerduct for outside plant (OSP) cable deployment as well as inside plant (ISP).

OptiCell™ Inside Plant Channel System is a flexible fabric pathway designed specifically for transporting cables efficiently in data centers, drop ceilings, and areas that require adaptable reconfigurations. The integrated support structure and multiple pathways reduce the steps required to place cables, minimizing time for installation.

Vis™ Tape with Mprint™ technology improves productivity and reduces total costs by eliminating rework and scrap. Our unique Mprint process increases print durability and legibility, while ensuring print length accuracy and a significantly softer feel.