Panduit – AU Telco & Fibre wire labelling – OPTUS, VHA & TELSTRA

September 2, 2020 3:03 pm by Kieren Diggins

Panduit - AU Telco & Fibre wire labelling specification

Including (OPTUS, TELSTRA & VHA)

Panduit has become the preferred labelling standard by many carriers in Australia due to its durable and long lasting properties of self-laminating Vinyl, Nylon, reflective labels and Poly Marker Plates. The print is black on white or black on yellow and the materials are comprised of military-grade polyolefin, It is for this reason that this material is specified and preferred for printing Fibre labels.

Three main factors determine the material and adhesive used for a desired location. They are:

  • Application (what is it going on to)
  • Environment (where will it be)
  • Time (how long will it need to last)
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