Introducing Comms Insights

September 9, 2018 8:02 pm by Telco Build

We are very excited to welcome you all, our subscribers and members, to our new page called "Comms Insights".

On this page, we welcome all types of information, images, videos, etc that are Telecommunication related only.

We're eager to hear about your current projects, new hires within your organisation, new plant or equipment, new products, exciting wins, and what your staff are working on out of hours or over the weekends for your clients, etc.

We look forward to seeing some really exciting insights uploaded.

The Team at Telco Build


One comment on "Introducing Comms Insights"

  1. Joshua Holani 

    This page is a great idea.
    Makes for a platform where we can see what the gals and guys in our industry are doing minus the facebook type spam drowning out my LinkedIn