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Tenders Available


Subcontractors Wanted - New South Wales - Closes in 2 weeks

Scope included but not limited to:

• FTTC Installation works
• Duct and Pit validation, Rod & Roping
• Telstra/NBN Pit remediation and upgrade works
• HFC lead-in Civil work - Aerial & underground
• Grundomat experience and NDD experience (Trenching, Pit and Pipe installation)
• Repairing Network Blockages, locating, dig down and repair
• Locate underground services using equipment
• Concrete & Asphalt cutting, reinstatements
• Asbestos removal
• Copper jointing, both Basic and Advanced Jointers sought
• Directional Boring
•Open cut experience
• HFC - Construction, Fault finding and rectification

3 Unique Systems of Utility Installation

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.49.02 pm
Labour is one of your biggest expenses, ploughing is much faster and considerably safer than conventional excavation, this can help you increase your margin by rapidly completing the project ahead of time and saving on costs $$$.
Trenchless are now offering 3 unique ploughing systems to suit differing site conditions.
These methods can install pipe, cable or conduit in the ground at far less cost than conventional methods.

The capabilities are as follows:-
  • Ploughing poly pipes up to 160mm diameter
  • Install multiple cables – conduit in one pass
  • Optic fibre cable through certified zero tension system.
  • Depths up to 1500mm
  • Sand bedding available
  • Zero Acid sulphate
Vibratory Pipe & Cable Plow
Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.51.59 pm
Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.53.58 pm
Safetrench patent pending system is designed as a trenchless system that sits between ploughing and Horizontal Directional Drilling, this is an environmental discrete method that is clean, responsive and safe.

Please view their company video on Safetrench:-

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.57.59 pm
Offset Vibratory ploughing ideal for narrow alignments, tight access, rail side, road verge, steep embankments, ditches and confined spaces.
Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 5.59.12 pm

Please view their company website on Safetrench:-

Trenchless are Civil Contractors specializing in underground services and utilities installation, Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD, Pipe and Cable Ploughing, trenching, rock sawing, pit and pipe works.

Please feel free to contact them for more information:- Email [email protected] or call James Johnson on 0400 660 664

This is what the new addition to their fleet looks like below.

Comms Insights

Our TOP Picks for this Newsletter Edition

Top Pick # 1

4Cabling's EOFY Sale! Up to 50% 0FF.
Selected Server Racks, Cable Management, Brackets, HDMI plus MUCH MORE are on sale now!!!

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Top Pick # 2

Optus Labelling Solutions.

Site Pro 1 offer solutions for all OPTUS Hybrid and coaxial Panduit labelling.

OPTION 1: They have a print on demand service and can deliver your OPTUS approved Panduit labels within days of ordering.
OPTION 2: You can also purchase a DIY printer bundle and label stock to print on demand, always ensuring that you have what you need for your installation or upgrade.

They also stock a wide range of Telco Warning & identification Signs
* General Warning Signs
* Marker Plates
* MERCS Industry Signs
* Traffolyte Labels

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