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  • HFC-MDU Cabling & Civil crews required - New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • Hauling crews (Copper or Fibre) Sub-Contractors required - Victoria
  • Subcontractors Wanted - New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania
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Robust Protection, Rodent Proof Cable

Prysmian's all-dielectric [email protected] fibre optic cables are fully protected against ruthless Australian rodents. Despite the solid hardware these loose tube cables are still surprisingly lightweight, flexible and easy to handle. The Prysmian [email protected] cable uses glass reinforced plastic (GRP) rods to fully armour the cable and offer the robust protection needed to block rodents and polyamide provides anti-termite protection.

Furthermore, the cable uses [email protected] reduced diameter technology and offers a rodent proof cable that is not much larger than a standard loose tube cable. This means that flexibility and ease of installation is maintained. The all dielectric design negates any issues concerning lightning strikes and high soil resistivity, rendering expensive and time-consuming earthing requirements redundant.

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Current items For Sale are:
  • FOSC-400D5 Fibre Optic Splice Closure
  • 1.5m SC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • 1.5m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • 1m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • 5m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • 1.5m Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cords (blue)
  • 1m Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cords (blue)
  • 2m Cat6 RJ45 Patch Cords (yellow)
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  • Project Manager in Sydney NSW
  • Telecommunications Professional across a number of areas
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