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4Cabling’s Co-location Server Racks allow two different users 21RU of space within the 42RU enclosure.
Each compartment includes two independent sets of 19″ rackmountable rails and a 12-way vertical PDU, along with split arc mesh front and rear access doors with digital locks.
The Co-location Server Rack allows two compartments to be configured separately without sacrificing security.
This set up allows multiple customers to store their voice, data, networking and power equipment in the same cabinet.
The perfect set up for shared work spaces or managed service providers.
4Cabling has the solutions.

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  • HFC-MDU Cabling & Civil crews required - New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • Hauling crews (Copper or Fibre) Sub-Contractors required - Victoria
  • Subcontractors Wanted - New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania
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AFL One-Click® Ultra Cleaner 2.5

AFL’s One-Click® Ultra improves cleaning again

For years, the original AFL Fujikura One-Click® Cleaner has been the industry standard for first level cleaning of optical connectors.

Now AFL continue to innovate, with the release of the new One-Click® Ultra, providing an even better clean. With an enlarged cleaning area up to 2mm, up to 16 times more of the connector end face is cleaned than with standard One-Click® Cleaners. This provides a superior clean the first time, reducing re-work, and reducing the overall cleaning cost.

Dirty connectors cause 85% of all of fibre optic network failures. Proper cleaning saves money by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors, extends the life of connectors and reduces connector replacement costs.

For a complete range of fibre optic cleaning products for telecommunications carriers, take a look at the AFL website at http://www.aflglobal.com/au. For more information contact AFL via email at [email protected].

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