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Welcome to Telco Build's Newsletter #46

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had an enjoyable break with family and friends.
We'll be expanding our team, and also bring you some exciting new Promo Comps in 2019.

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Tenders Available

Action these tenders whilst the opportunity is there!

As we kick off the New Year, it's an opportunity for you to build new relationships and continue a constant flow of work via our tenders.
  • Subcontractors Wanted - New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania - Scope included but not limited to:
- FTTC Installation works
- Duct and Pit validation, Rod & Roping
- Telstra/NBN Pit remediation and upgrade works
- HFC lead-in Civil work - Aerial & underground
- Grundomat experience and NDD experience (Trenching, Pit and Pipe installation)
- Repairing Network Blockages, locating, dig down and repair
- Locate underground services using equipment
- Concrete & Asphalt cutting, reinstatements
- Asbestos removal
- Copper jointing, both Basic and Advanced Jointers sought
- Directional Boring
- Open cut experience
- HFC - Construction, Fault finding and rectification

  • NEW! HFC Sub-Contractors wanted - New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria - Closes in 2 weeks - Scope includes:
- Install/ Activate and Test HFC cabling and equipment
- Terminate and test NBN Infrastructure within the customer’s property
- Investigate and Repair Faults within the HFC network
- Undertake minor civil works as required
- Work at heights and undertake pit work

See website or click below button for further details.

[email protected]® - Double Sheath

Aerial Cabling made to withstand wild weather and heavy wind loads

Prysmian’s [email protected] series of all dielectric self-supporting cables are made to withstand wild weather and heavy wind loads. The [email protected]® Double Sheath cable is designed for external self-supporting applications that require long distance spans between poles.

Designed strong to minimize cable sag (even for large spans), it can be installed on low, medium and high voltage powerlines without interruption of power services to customers. It is compliant with industry standard fittings, so you don’t need any special training to secure the cable.

The [email protected]® Double Sheath cable does not contain any metallic elements making it impervious to electromagnetic fields. Upon request, it can be constructed with an anti-tracking sheath, for installation in high electrical field strength.

For more details information on this product, please visit the Prysmian website under cables/smartspan or send an email to [email protected]

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Comms Insights Page

See our Top Picks for the fortnight

Please make the time to check out 4Cabling at www.4cabling.com.au as they're our top picks of this newsletter for bringing you the latest in technology.

Top Pick # 1
35% off Outdoor Server Racks at 4Cabling!

Sale includes Wall Mount and Freestanding Racks, IP65 and IP45 rated as well as Floor Mounted Plinths.

Limited time, limited stock.
Hurry - this deal won't last!

Top Pick # 2
To add to 4Cabling's full range of high-quality premium data centre server racks they have now included 27RU 1000mm Deep Premium Racks.
Their premium range server racks have several features that aren't found on basic cabinets and racks including integrated cable management, lockable mesh doors, earthing wires for grounding, cable trays, bi-fold mesh rear doors, removable cable glands on the top and at the bottom of the rack, sliding shelves and fan kits.
All premium server racks come with a 3-Year Warranty and FREE shipping.


Visit our Storeroom Page

We do not take any commission in the Buy or Sell process to ensure you make great savings. Be sure to action these Bargains!

If you have any New or Used items sitting around, or if you sell to the public, feel free to upload them on this page to allow us to help you.

Current items For Sale are:
  • New - FOSC-400D5 Fibre Optic Splice Closure
  • New - 1.5m SC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • New - 1.5m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • New - 1m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • New - 5m LC-SC Simplex Single Mode Fibre Patch Leads
  • New - 1.5m Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cords (blue)
  • New - 1m Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cords (blue)
  • New - 2.1m Cat6 RJ45 Patch Cords (yellow)
  • New - 1.2m Cat6 RJ45 Patch Cords (yellow) bag of 2
  • New - 7.5m Cat6 RJ45 Patch Cords (yellow) bag of 2
  • New - J9 Telstra approved concrete pit
  • New - BE16 Joint Mounting Bracket (pair per joint)
  • New - 10 Way vertical 10amp Power Rail
  • New - 10 Way vertical 15amp Power Rail
  • New - 1RU 170mm Deep Cantilever Shelf with 2x Fans
  • Used - Lines Test Set No 2
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Special Offers currently on offer are:
  • An invitation for students from overseas to study in Milcom Institute Australia. If you are interested in studying in Australia and working towards pursuing a career in Australia, then action this one.
  • For discounted training via an Endorsement Package and an Open Cabling PLUS Endorsement Combo please take a look at these Summer Specials NOT available through the JB Hunter online booking system.

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