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  • HFC-MDU Cabling & Civil crews required - New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • Copper Testing, Hauling & Jointing Sub-contracting crews required - Victoria.
  • Civil Construction and Pit & Pipe Installation Sub-Contractors - ACT
A HUGE Thank you to those that have actioned the previous tenders, as we continue to receive positive feedback on the outcomes from both parties.

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Prysmian's Compact & Medium Multi-Function Joint – CMJ / MMJ

What a Game Changer on Flexibility options!

Ideal for use as a cable chamber joint, track joint, spur joint or distribution joint due to their capacity and compact size.

Features and benefits
  • Maximum capacity:
CMJ: 144 single element fibres.
MMJ: 288 single element fibres.
  • Single element trays:
CMJ: 12, each trays suitable to accommodate 12 splices.
MMJ: 24, each trays suitable to accommodate 12 splices.
  • CMJ: Ultra compact closure for the splicing of optical cables.
  • MMJ: Compact closure for the splicing of optical cables
  • Input manifold manages the tubes to a common routing channel and has the provision to mount up to four optical splitters.
  • Integrated loop storage basket for mid-span applications and excess fibre storage.
  • The joint is for use with heat shrink splice protectors of 1.3 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length. Splice trays compatible with 2.2 mm diameter and 45 mm in length splice protectors are optional.
  • Supplied with a pole/wall mounting bracket.
  • Splice trays hinge upwards individually allowing for full access to spliced fibres without disturbance to live fibres in adjacent trays.
  • Entry kit:
The joint has four circular ports for mechanical entry glands, one oval port for mechanical entry or heat shrink and two additional small circular ports also for heat shrink entry.
  • Interchangeable:
Circular mechanical glands across CMJ, MMJ and LMJ, oval port entry kit across CMJ and MMJ.
  • Closure is sealed to IP68.
  • Pressure test valve for both flash testing and cable earthing can be fitted as an optional extra.
Joint Customisation

All joints can be delivered with the required input and output cable kits, brackets and valves included. Joints are kitted with 1.3 mm splice protectors trays as standard and stock items, however, 2.2 mm splice protector trays are available as an option.

CMJ - 1.3 mm or 2.2mm splice protectors
MMJ - 1.3 mm or 2.2mm splice protectors

Oval port for heat shrink or mechanical entry:
– Can accommodate cables up to 23 mm in diameter.
– Sealed using adhesive lined heat shrink sleeves or using a mechanical oval port entry kit.

Up to four circular ports for mechanical entry glands:
– Can accommodate cables up to 23 mm in diameter.
– Sealed using a mechanical sealing gland.
– Gland can be assembled onto the cable away from the joint and simply plugged into the base.
– Two small circular emergency ports available for heat shrink entry: Can accommodate cables up to 12 mm in diameter.
– Multi-way entry glands are available to allow the installation of a number of cables into one circular port.

If you're interested or simply need additional information, you can visit their website http://www.prysmiancable.com.au/ , or send an email to [email protected]


Are you looking for a new Employment Opportunity to join an amazing organisation?

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  • Customer Sales and Service Manager - Sydney NSW
This position would suit an experienced ex-Telco or Power technician that no longer works on the tools.

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We're also please to have MILCOM on board, allowing us to present you with some fantastic training courses

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PACKAGE DEAL - Endorsement Pack - $975
  • Install, terminate and certify Structured Cabling,Installation
  • Install and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises
  • Install and terminate Coaxial Cable
Short courses
- Open Registration
- Structured Cabling (Cat 5, 6 and Beyond – CPR Endorsement)
- Coax Cabling Endorsement
- Optical Fibre Cabling (CPR Endorsement)
- Aerial Cabling Endorsement
- Use electrical skills in telecommunications work
- Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures

Technical Security
- CCTV Installers Course
- Commission and decommission security equipment and system
- Identify and diagnose CCTV equipment and system fault

Safety Courses
- Perform pole top rescue
- Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
- Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a nonelectrical worker
- Perform EWP rescue
- Perform EWP controlled descent escape
- Provide first aid in an ESI environment

First Aid
- Provide first aid
- Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
- Work safely at heights


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