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With remembrance on Anzac Day, of showing respect to our Diggers. Congratulations to those that won at Two-Up!

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Tenders available at the moment

Continue to watch this space. We look forward to bringing you more exciting projects to tender on

  • HFC-MDU Cabling & Civil crews required - New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • Copper Testing, Hauling & Jointing Sub-contracting crews required - Victoria.
  • Civil Construction and Pit & Pipe Installation Sub-Contractors - ACT
A HUGE Thank you to those that have actioned the previous tenders, as we continue to receive positive feedback on the outcomes from both parties.

See website or click below button for details on all locations.

SENKO's TYPE-72C Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Type 72C High Definition Core Aligning Fusion Splicer.

Maintaining all industry-leading features of its predecessor, the TYPE-71C+, the TYPE-72C improves splicing performance and reliability and has a newly designed user interface.
The TYPE-72C includes a smartphone-like high-resolution touch screen for user friendliness. In Quick Mode, the TYPE-72C reduces splicing and heat shrink time to 5 seconds and 9 seconds respectively.
Its rugged frame enhances durability and improves shock resistance compared to early models. Equipped with wireless LAN connectivity, the TYPE-72C accesses Sumitomo Electric's innovative SumiCloud™ services via a smart-phone App.
With SumiCloud™, users enjoy a wide range of benefits including support tools, remote lock function and splice data management services, all for improved splicing productivity and secured asset management.

For more information please contact sales at [email protected].
For our range of products please visit our website, www.senko.com.au
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Are you looking for a new Employment Opportunity to join an amazing organisation?

Please take a look at our Advertised Positions page as this position will be filled FAST

  • Customer Sales and Service Manager - Sydney NSW
This position would suit an experienced ex-Telco or Power technician that no longer works on the tools.

Take a LOOK at these Special OFFERS

These offers are only available to Telco Build Members, so be sure to take advantage of them!

We work closely with Quality Suppliers & Vendors to bring you the best discounts possible

  • Conduit Stringing Gun EZ50. Comes with all accessories, including 3,000m of string.
  • Telstra (Parramatta) Rope.
  • Fibre Optic Fusion Splicer Kit. Comes with all accessories.
  • SFP+/LR SM 10Gbps 1310nm SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Km.
  • SFP+/SR MM 10Gbps 850nm SFP+ Optical Transceiver, 300m.
  • OS2 SINGLEMODE LC-LC Duplex Patch Leads.
  • Cable Drum Roller Ramp 1000KG.
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